• 18 completed Projects in the NorthWest
  • Experience in Student & Residential sectors
  • Creators of multiple licensed HMOs
  • Diverse portfolio

Corran Partners

Andrew Corran

Michael Corran

We are property investing business based in Merseyside. By using our own capital alongside other investor's capital we have been able to take advantage of many opportunities Liverpool and its surrounding area has to offer. We build strong transparent relationships with our investors and partners to provide the best investing experience and strong secure returns on their capital. The business is founded by brothers Andrew and Michael Corran who have over 14 years combined experience in the full process of property investing, from due diligence, to purchase, development and marketing.

Our Values

  • Integrity

    We take investing other people's money very seriously, being investors ourselves we know how important it is for honesty, transparency with strong moral principles.

  • Building relationships

    We aim to provide our investors stress free investments who continue to enjoy returns over multiple future investments.

  • Due diligence

    Corran Partners are very particular in picking the right investments with thorough research and property/site visits.

  • Stable investing principles

    Combined with due diligence is what makes us successful in property investing. Our long term approach with strong locations and markets greatly reduces the chance of losses while increasing the chance of consistent returns. We are completely against short term speculative bets.

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