Annual ROI

8 Residential Properties


  • 7% NET return
  • 3% per annum appreciation to date
  • High rental demand
  • Diverse properties of flats and houses
  • Fully managed

A solid portfolio of flats and houses across the Wirral providing a steady, predictable return on the investment.

During a 2 year time frame we set out to purchase below market properties on the Wirral, a short commute from Liverpool's city centre. The properties were either repossessions or in desperate need of a full renovation. This gave us the opportunity to purchase at a low price whilst promptly adding value to the properties.

Residential investments typically don't generate yields as high as HMOs but they are strong stable investments with less renovation and maintenance costs. Due to this we were able to turn around these residential properties quickly and generate a return on the investment within a short period. The residential market in the area has continued to be strong with house prices steadily increasing, improving the investment furthermore.

Combined purchase price
Rennovation costs
Investment total

Net annual income
Net yield

* Valuation based on similar properties in local area - 2018

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