New Build & Renovation


  • 38% return on investment over 14 months
  • £125k profit
  • High residential demand
  • Prime location
  • 4 bed detached, 3 bed semi detached

This auction property with its large garden gave us the opportunity to obtain planning for an adjacent 4 bed detached house.

UK councils such as Wirral Council are under pressure by the government to build affordable housing, increasing the likelihood of planning approval. If the council's targets aren't met they could be stripped of their planning powers. This gives developers the opportunity to make use of land not being efficiently used.

Knocking down the garage on the existing house enabled us to obtain planning permission for a 4 bed detached house adjacent. Due to the addition of the new build the investment returns greatly increased to 38% within 14 months.

Purchase price
Cost of works
Investment total

Market Value*

* Market Value based on similar property prices in local area - 2018

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